The Oregon Dairy Princess-Ambassador (DPA) Program has been promoting the dairy industry since 1959 through classroom presentations, county and state fairs, community events, summer camps, school assemblies and more.

State and County DPA's develop valuable skills including: public speaking, grooming, poise, nutrition, confidence and lifelong friendships. You also make a difference in your community, earn college Scholarships and possibly receive internship credits.

Interested in becoming a Dairy Princess-Ambassador in your community? Download the Rules & Eligibility then fill out the form and we will contact you.

Request for Presentations or Events

The Dairy Princess Ambassador Program provides free 20-30 minute educational presentations for students in grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Topics include:
• Milk—The journey from farm to table
• Dairy Farmers and the Environment
• Dairy Technology Throughout Time
• Stakeholders in the Dairy Industry

The Dairy Princess Ambassador Program also attends events around the State of Oregon (such as; community resource, school resource and health fairs, community and family focused events, county fairs, after-school programs, organizational club, conventions) and provides a 45 minute civic engagement presentation. Due to COVID-19, event participation is limited to local areas with strict guidelines in place. After completing your event request, we will be in contact for more information.

We are accepting virtual classroom presentation requests for the 2020-2021 school year or event requests for later this fall or winter. Please explore our educational resources  for a variety of virtual activities to incorporate in your classroom, group, or home! 

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Our Educational Presentations align with the following Oregon Common Core State Standards:

Essential Skills: 4, 5

Health Standards: HE.03,05,08.PH01.CC; HE.03,05.PH01.AI; HE.03,05.PH02.CC; HE.05.PH02.SM; HE.03, 05.PH02.ADV; HE.05.PH03.ADV

Science Standards: K-4.3

2022–23 State Ambassadors

Princess Krisarah
Oregon Dairy Princess
Read the press release

Princess Mariana
Alternate Oregon Dairy Princess

2022–23 County Ambassadors

Princess Liz
Clackamas County

Princess Clancey
Linn-Benton Counties

Princess Sienna
Coos County

Princess Clara
Tillamook County

Princess Karli
Klamath County

Princess Morgan
Yamhill-Polk Counties